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100.7 WDMS Is NOW STREAMING On Ollywop Radio

"Real Country 24/7"...

The Ollywop Radio Network Ent. family is extremely honored and proud to announce one of our newest editions to the radio revolution; Greenville, Mississippi's very own 100.7 WDMS-Real Country!

100.7 WDMS is officially the first pure country station that we've had the privilege of broadcasting from the cosmos that is Ollywop Radio Network. Stream the Arkansas-Louisiana-Mississippi area’s HOTTEST country tunes and hear new music every hour on the hour-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WDMS also serves as the flagship station for the Mississippi State Bulldogs’ sports, and also proudly serves all of it’s broadcasting communities with up-to-date news and info on local events. The station is currently owned by Monte Spearman and Gentry Todd Spearman, and transmits with 100,000 watts of effective radiated power from an antenna 135 meters (442.9 feet) height above the local average terrain of Greenville, Mississippi.

With the Ollywop-WDMS conjunction, we aim to spread the down-home country tunes of the Mississippi Delta outside of it's parameters, and with the world for years to come. Expanding both 100.7 WDMS' broadcasting reach and overall station exposure. "I feel like this is the first-step in truly capturing the vision that is the WOP...", Brian K Moore II, CEO of Ollywop Radio Network Entertainment says. "I've preached on countless of moments where i could literally envision a literal army of radio's posted up on the battle field of terrestrial media with a line drawn in the sand that once stood as the fortified walls formerly known as the Gatekeepers..." adds Moore.

Gatekeepers, people or policies within a system that act as a go-between, controlling access from one point to another....often refusing, controlling, or delaying an artists' access to the mainstream spotlight.

"These powers-that-be have been manipulating the game for far too long and leaving way too many talented individuals in the wake of the clout-circus that is sadly, today's music and subsequently, it's radio."--The birth of the streaming era helped to somewhat alleviate the constant nuance of mainstream radio by giving listeners an array of options to choose from in regards to music selection, which in turn, has shyed people away from the a truly intricate part within society, and in particular, the black community.

"Ollywop aims to continue the push across the lines of progress riddled with the ruble of old gates, while at the same time, preserving a very vital piece of fabric that is woven into us as people in revolutionizing how we listen to an authentic radio broadcast...both terrestrially and digitally.", concludes the Ollywop founder.

Stream your favorite country jams right 24 hours a day via 100.7 WDMS powered by Ollywop Radio TODAY

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