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Jacob Soen Lee Brown (Born August 4,1997) better know as JLeeOnDaTrack is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in South Side Jamaica Queens, New York from a family breed from the music scene.  At a later age he moved from the East Coast to the Midwest of Kansas City, Missouri. 

His musical style is defined as charismatic, with his R&B being characterized by several influences from other genres, ranging from Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae. His lyrics develop predominantly over themes of sex,romance, desire, and emotional conflict. Brown started showing his passion for music, teaching himself how to to sing, produce and play multiple instruments at the young age of 5. Coming from the youngest of five grandchildren all musically inclined, however he was the most passionate about his music. 

He would later go on to perform at his schools, church and in several local talent shows in his current town. JLee has performed at various amounts of bars such as, The Mini Bar, Rendezvous , and Klymax to list a few. Jacob has also as participated in 'KC Superstar' where he made it as far as the finals, earning him a solidified spot in his genre and art.


Complicated (2022), Get To Know (2022), Oochie Wala (2022), Pressure (2022)

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