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Christa J


Christa J. is often called an R&B singer, though her music also encompasses elements of rap, rock and soul. Born as Christi Aiyana Jones in Montgomery, Alabama on  April 16, 1999. The name Christa J. originated by combining her first Name “Christi” and pairing it with her middle name “Aiyana” and her last name Jones & the singer’s stage name Christa J. was born. Growing up, Christa listened to all kinds of music, from R&B to Blues to Country and other Genres. After high school, Christa attended community college in attempts to obtain a phlebotomy degree through the state exam. After failing her exam by a mere 1-point, Christa decided to give school & music a break to focus on herself and her job at the time...that is, until she found out she was pregnant resulting in the birth to a beautiful baby girl September 21, 2020 in the midst of the world Covid pandemic. After giving birth, Christa once again found that passion & drive that she desperately needed which was motherhood. Whilst watching a live feed on Facebook that she'd seen that was giving new artists an opportunity to get noticed and garnered a $10 fee for priority play, Christa had a thought: “I literally thought about it and said if it’s meant for me the God will make it happen, so I took my ten dollars and sent it in, and they played my song and absolutely loved it." The rest, is history just awaiting to be made.


Love Storm (2022), Come Over (2022)

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Christa J - Unkept Promise (Official Video) ft. Robert Curry

Christa J - Unkept Promise (Official Video) ft. Robert Curry

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