“Old School music is remedial treatment to the soul". That’s how Melanie Joseph a.k.a DJ MEL "DA DIVA" describes herself as a DJ. Never afraid to go too far back in date, her musical selections are her own therapy. Having growing up listening to her brother’s scratching records on the turntables and listening to tunes on the boom box (Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang and Kurtis Blow)…all which became infused with her own love for hip-hop, southern soul, blues and funk music, ended up with quite a mixed range of musical influences.One person that really influenced her is DJ Danger (David Robinson), showing her the methods and techniques of being a DJ. In the process of DJ Danger teaching her, she lost him unexpectedly which drove her to pushharder in djing to make him proud. 


 A very active member of her local community, DJ DJMELDADIVA is no stranger to the ups-and-downs of a small-town music scene.Though she loves playing for weddings, radio stations, private parties and special events, her love for music goes beyond the spectrum of blending tunes.


“For me, it’s all about setting the mood for people to forget all the problems they may be going through in that moment.”

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